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Beautiful and deeply relaxing. A joy to sit back and immerse yourself into. Thank you!

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iRelax: Vol 2

Free Sample Tracks - Chakras & Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations

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A selection of the first three tracks from the full iRelax 2 Album.

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The full album contains guided meditations in the form of ancient chakra methodologies designed to help you become aware of the energy centres in your body and re-balance them in your life.

You can use these deeply relaxing guided meditations first thing in the morning to help you be at your best for the day ahead, or last thing at night to help you drift off into a deep and refreshing sleep.

Chakras have powerful influences and effects in our lives. They form the base to our emotions, our energy levels, the nature of the way we communicate, our intentions, our relationships and how we physically connect with the world around us. There are major nerve centres where chakras are located throughout your body.

Learning how to become aware of the energy points in your body will help you feel full of energy and able to conquer the effects of stress and imbalance in your life.

You may not of heard of the term Chakra before. But you have certainly experienced them. You can feel your heart chakra when you are in love, you feel it when it gets broken. You may have experienced your throat chakra close when you have experienced stage fright, or have felt it open when you passionately speak the truth. You may have felt butterflies in your stomach when your solar plexus / manipura chakra is 'talking'.

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Yoga Nidra amd Body Awareness Meditation.


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